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Microscope Dentistry


Microscope Enhanced Dentistry | Pinecrest Dental in Miami


For many years, dentists have been wearing magnification glasses when they examine and treat their patients, but Dr. Mayoral was one of the first dentists to perform microscope-assisted precision dentistry. He now performs all dental procedures using surgical microscopes, specially designed to focus color-corrected light, as well as magnify every detail. Microscope Enhanced Dentistry enables him to precisely perform all dental procedures. This not only improves the quality of dentistry but also improves the efficiency of treatment. His proficiency with microscopes sets him apart from other Miami dentists.

How does performing dentistry using the microscope enable Dr. Mayoral to provide better patient care?


The microscope gives Dr. Mayoral increased precision in many ways. He can better diagnose problems early and effectively show them to you. He can see exactly when all decay has been removed. He can restore your teeth precisely and work more comfortably because of improved posture. This improves his level of efficiency and productivity. An added benefit to patients is that more treatment can be provided in fewer visits. 


Microscope Enhanced Dentistry allows Dr. Mayoral to conserve healthy tooth structure and repair only what is absolutely necessary while making it invisible to the naked eye. This level of precision only can be accomplished when you can magnify 16+ times in 3D.


You have to see it to believe it, and you can by visiting our office. 


Dr. Mayoral’s microscope is equipped with digital and video capture for patient education, documentation, and lecturing purposes. Patients can take home closeup magnified images and video of their teeth to view and share.


Minimally Invasive Dentistry with Microscopes will be the wave of the future, and it’s here today! 


Dr. Ozzie Mayoral and Sandra, his assistant, enhance the precision of the dental care they provide with their microscopes. Here they are seen performing conservative “invisible” cosmetic dentistry on their patient, Adam. Seeing is believing, and they are happy to offer their patients the very best care that modern technology allows.


Surgical microscopes have been used in operating rooms since 1953, giving surgeons the extra vision they need to perform superior precision, leaving nothing to chance. Technology is emerging very rapidly in all fields and dentistry is no exception. Approximately 15 years ago, clinical microscopes were introduced into dentistry as an aid in the field of endodontics. Today, 100% of all US accredited Endodontic Specialty programs (in which dentists specialize in root canals) train their residents using microscopes exclusively.


Dr. Mayoral has been using the microscope successfully for restorative and cosmetic dentistry since 2006 and foresees that many other restorative dentists will eventually adopt this technology. Microscope Enhanced Dentistry allows Dr. Mayoral to conserve healthy tooth structure and repair only what is necessary, while making it invisible to the naked eye. This kind of precision is only possible when teeth are magnified 16+ times in 3D.


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