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Meet Osvaldo Z. Mayoral, DMD

Not many people will tell you that visiting the dentist changed their lives. But it changed mine. Since my first childhood experience at the dentist’s office, I’ve been fascinated with the specialty—from the way dentists personally connect with their patients to the mysterious and miraculous tools used to perform dental medicine. Childhood intrigue led me down this career path and I’ve never once looked back.


Since 1988 I have the privilege of being a dentist and providing my patients with the kind of care that drew me into dentistry—the best. I believe that comes from balancing comfort and compassion with industry advancements in techniques and technology. I live by the credo that I am not satisfied unless my patients are satisfied. I make this commitment not only to my patients, but also to myself.


As a dentist, there is nothing more important to me than delivering the kind of comfort and care that inspires patient trust while also improving overall health. I am delighted to be able to offer you a balanced approach to dental function and beauty using the most advanced materials and treatments available. 


Welcome to our practice!

Delivering Best in Care


Dr. Ozzie Mayoral believes that the key to finding the right dentist is complete transparency, and he encourages new patients to take the time to get to know more about him and the practice. “It makes me very happy to have patients interview me because I am proud to share my philosophy of practice.”


His philosophy is simple: Happy patient, happy doctor. That means ensuring balance and harmony of the mouth and jaw for function, beauty, stability and long-term health. It also means giving patients all best available options and complete autonomy when it comes to making treatment decisions. “I think that patients should know what the best options are and that they ultimately should have 100% of the choice.”


Dr. Mayoral consistently achieves the best by not only staying on top of the latest industry advancements, but by also being an industry leader. He was featured on the Discovery Channel as one of the first dentists to incorporate advanced digital technologies into his practice, including digital x-rays, dental lasers and digital impressions. Dr. Mayoral is also known for his pioneering role in microscope enhanced dentistry, which he uses to create flawless restorative work. “Microscope enhanced dentistry gives me the ability to completely hide a restoration, so that it’s invisible to the naked eye!” His work in the dental field has been featured and published internationally.


Patients and colleagues recognize Dr. Mayoral as extremely detail oriented and committed to continuous improvement. Combined with his good-natured, courteous chairside manner, Dr. Mayoral is highly respected as a conscientious dentist who genuinely cares about his patients.


Life-Changing Care


Oral health is a window to your overall health. While it’s never too late to begin taking care of your mouth, the old adage applies: the sooner, the better. With such a strong connection to his own childhood, it’s only befitting that Dr. Mayoral has been treating underprivileged children since 1988—the very year he became a licensed dentist, underscoring the importance and value of ensuring life-long dental care as it relates to overall health and well-being.


Dr. Mayoral’s patients expect nothing less than what he is committed to delivering: attention to detail, dedication to patient comfort and decades of experience. And even then, he strives for more. “I am confident in what I have to offer as a dentist and as a caring individual.”

Get to know Dr. Mayoral:


Chairside style: Polite and attentive


Starts each day: Thanking God for everything that I have


Favorite part of your job: Interacting with my patients


Beauty product everyone should own: An electric toothbrush


Hobbies: Piano, fishing, photography, travel, biking


Best advice you ever received: Stick to your beliefs and stay focused on doing the right thing.


Favorite place to escape the office: Hammock in the backyard

Areas of Expertise

Preventive Care


Dental Rehabilitation


Microscope Enhanced Dentistry


Cosmetic Dentistry


University of Florida College of Dentistry – Doctor of Dental Medicine


D. Pankey Institute – Graduate


Fellow – International College of Dentists


Council Member – International Academy of Operative Dentistry


American Dental Association


Academy of General Dentistry


South Florida District Dental Association


Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry


International Academy of Oral Medicine & Toxicology


Board Member – Academy of Microscope Enhanced Dentistry

Microscope Videos



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