Pinecrest Dental Center | Cosmetic and Family Dentistry in Miami
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At Pinecrest Dental, we’ve redefined the traditional dental patient experience by placing you at the center of all we do. As a patient, you can expect our team of dental experts collaborating together to help you attain optimal dental health. We believe that dental care should be personal, accessible and affordable. From the way you make your appointment to the ease with which you can follow up with your doctor, we’ve rethought everything—and ensured that you and your needs always come first. Put it all together and you have a health care experience that is centered on you, built to suit your needs both as a patient and as a person.

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Drs. Mayoral and Kenward are aligned in a common mission to raise the standards of dental excellence by adopting the most innovative techniques and technology. Their unique clinical philosophy is driven in pursuit of the perfect smile and applying the practices to achieve it.


Drs. Mayoral and Kenward believe in treating the mouth as a whole, using the latest tools and techniques in the name of health, function and beauty. As Miami’s elite dental team, they constantly observe, audition, and review the latest dental technologies. They select and invest in only the highest-quality devices that improve your visits and ensure you receive the best dental treatments and achieve your most beautiful smile.

HEALTH: Preventive

We offer a full range of dental treatments. Our practice is committed to detail, comfort, safety and individualized treatment. We focus on optimizing your oral health while at the same time helping you to achieve a beautiful smile.


• Comprehensive dental cleanings
• Digital x-ray technology
• Emergency care
• Dental Implants

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FUNCTION: Invisalign®

We have been early adopters in medical devices and treatments that improve overall function of the teeth and mouth. Invisalign® has proven to be an excellent alternative to traditional braces and will improve the health, function and beauty of your smile. 


• Beautify your smile
• Reduce spacing between teeth
• Improve health of your teeth & gums
• Increase your self-confidence

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BEAUTY: Cosmetic

We offer a full range of cosmetic dentistry procedures. We are devoted to giving you the youthful, attractive smile you always wanted, whether that requires a single, subtle enhancement or a more comprehensive smile makeover plan.


• Advanced training in cosmetic dentistry
• High quality ceramic veneers
• Tooth colored fillings
• Specialized tooth whitening

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